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What to expect at your first appointment

The treatment of hearing loss is a lifelong process. It is an investment in your hearing health and can impact your overall health.

At Hear 4 Life, we ensure successful outcomes. We are here to educate and guide you through your lifelong treatment plan.

Below you will see the services provided at your first appointment. We are very excited to meet you!


Getting to know you

  • Review intake

  • Discuss hearing concerns

  • Answer questions


Cognitive Screening

  • Assess key cognitive domains such as motor control, visual processing, perception, and memory.

  • This is not a diagnostic test. This helps your clinician to create a treatment plan.


Ear Canal and Eardrum Health

  • Visual inspection of ear canal and health of eardrum

  • Assess the mobility of the eardrum to rule out pathology


Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

  • Assess  hearing thresholds

  • Assess speech understanding

  • Assess difficulty hearing in noise


Discuss Results & Prognosis

  • Review results

  • Discuss expectations and outcomes


Discuss Treatment Plan

  • Review hearing devices and/or assisted listening devices

  • Review services and warranties

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